Are Go-Karts Safe? Learn How To Avoid The Risks

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Have you heard of go-karts? If go-karting sounds interesting to you, why not give it a try? But take note that go-karting could seriously injure you if you are not serious about your safety.

It is likely that everyone who enjoys thrilling activities will have a good time going karting. Since this is an extreme sport, perhaps most of you are wondering are go-karts safe to drive.

Go-karting is a dangerous sport. But, as long as you follow safety practices and wear proper equipment, you would be safe behind the wheel. Whether you are a professional or an amateur at go-karting, it is highly recommended to wear proper safety gear, such as helmets.

Despite its relatively low injury rate, individuals who want to try go-karting should know the associated risks.

Is Go-Karting a Safe Hobby?

Aside from being an interesting sport, go-karting has gained a lot of attention from sports enthusiasts all over the world. Due to their precision and speed, go-karts replaced bumper cars.

This hobby became popular because it allows you to experience the feeling of maneuvering a real vehicle.

Many people choose go-karting as a hobby because they love racing cars or they just like different kinds of cars.

Taking up go-karting as a hobby is one of the best ways to improve your driving skills.

Go-karting is a safe hobby if you take the necessary precautions. It’s best to drive the kart at a medium speed unless you’re competing in a race.

Beyond that, wearing high-quality safety gear will also help you to reduce your risks of injuries.

If you dream of being a car racer in the future, making go-karting your hobby is a safe stepping stone to achieve your goal.

Are Go-Karts Safe Learn How To Avoid The Risks

Compared to cars, driving go-karts is way easier because of its innovative and sophisticated features.

Go-karting is a cheaper, more enjoyable, and safer driving sport to try than car racing. But despite its safety features, take note that simple negligence could put your life at risk when driving go-karts.

Do Go-Karts Flip Easily?

Go-karts have a low center of gravity, which prevents them from flipping easily. It has wider wheels that ensure a good grip on the asphalt. But this does not guarantee that go-karts won’t flip as you start to maneuver them.

There are some instances that will cause a go-kart to flip over and could injure its driver.

Some reasons that may contribute to go-kart flipping include colliding with another go-kart, hitting a certain object on the race track, or driving too fast through curved paths.  

It is important to be mindful of your surroundings and your driving speed when operating a go-kart. This is because everything can happen in an instant.

Since go-karts don’t feature airbags, crumple zones, or roll cages, you are more prone to serious injuries, especially when your body parts hit the asphalt. That is why wearing helmets is highly recommended among go-kart racers.

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Has Anyone Died Go-Karting?

Although we mentioned earlier that go-karting has a low injury risk rate, it does not mean that it is a safe sport for all. Sometimes, injuries associated with the said sport can cause the death of a go-kart racer.

As stated in the report of ABC Action News, one man was severely injured and later on died because of driving his go-kart at the fastest speed.

The incident happened in Pinellas Park. According to the police officers who investigated the accident, the man named Jesse Outlaw suffered from catastrophic injuries that took his life.

The investigators concluded that Jesse made a bet with another go-kart driver. As the two drove their go-karts to the western lane, Jesse did not notice the guardrail on the track. His go-kart flipped, and since he was not wearing any safety harness, his body was thrown out of his vehicle.

What happened to Jesse is one of those situations that remind go-kart drivers to consider their safety seriously.

Can a Go-Kart Explode?

One of the good things about go-karts is that they are not made with flammable materials. But this does not guarantee that they won’t explode. Some types of go-karts, especially the electric-based ones that use batteries, may also explode and cause fire when severely damaged.

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Are Kids Go-Karts Dangerous?

Just like more thrilling sports, kids go-karting could be quite risky. According to statistics presented by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, around 10,000 go-kart injuries involve kids aged 15 years old and below every year.

This might scare you as a parent, but if your child is mature and takes his/her safety seriously, go-karting could be a safe hobby for them.

As a parent who wants to support the go-karting journey of your child, it is important to buy them quality helmets and other essential gear, like rib braces, that will minimize their risks of back injuries.

 Is Pro-Racing Go-Karting Dangerous?

With the innovative safety features it has, go-karting is considered to be one of the safest professional racing battles among other sports. But take note that you also need to take necessary safety precautions in joining pro-racing using your go-karts.

These safety precautions include wearing a protective bodysuit, full-face helmets, quality shoes, gloves, and even neck braces.

Pro-racing using go-karts should be done in an enclosed area to avoid road accidents and potential explosions. Beyond that, EMT personnel should also be present on the race track to monitor the game.

As long as you are taking your safety seriously, pro-racing go-karting is a safe and enjoyable racing experience you can have with other go-kart racers.

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Go-Karting Safety Precautions

Go-karts are like vehicles that are safer and more enjoyable to operate during your leisure afternoon. But like the other real cars, there are some safety precautions you need to keep in mind when driving a go-kart. Some of them are the following:

Wear a Full-Face Helmet

A full-face helmet is the most important protective gear you need to wear when go-karting. The main purpose of wearing a helmet is to keep your head protected from branches, rocks, and other flying objects.

In addition, there is also a possibility that your go-kart will flip over. In that case, a full-face helmet will protect your head from crashing through the asphalt.

Always Put On Your Seat Belts (When Available)

Accidents in go-karting may happen at the most unexpected time. You may injure yourself even though you are the most trained participant in go-kart racing. So, if your go-kart is equipped with a seat belt, wearing it you can also protect yourself from injuries caused by an impact. 

Practice Good Driving Habits

Youngblood always thinks that there is tomorrow. With that, they usually underestimate the speed of a go-kart. Over-speeding is the number one cause of injuries in most go-kart racing activities. Thus, it is essential to practice good driving habits when operating a go-kart.

If you will allow your kid to drive a go-kart, make sure that they are well-disciplined to consider safe driving habits. A go-kart driver must be responsible and should not promote erratic or dangerous driving.

Final Thoughts

Go-karting is a safe sport among young and adult racers. It gives you an extraordinary experience of driving a real car. 

But like other racing cars, go-karting is also associated with different accidents. So, to keep yourself safe while enjoying the adrenaline rush in your body caused by go-karting, make sure to wear protective gear and follow safe driving practices.

Take note that accidents may happen anytime and could take anyone’s life in an instant. So, you need to be mindful of your surroundings. 

Even go-karting is the safest sport, you should always think of your safety and should not let your guard down.

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