Here’s The Best Way to Clean Go-Kart

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Anyone who plans to ride their go-kart for the longest time must learn how to clean it the right way. There’s no question, with frequent use comes frequent maintenance. But how exactly should you clean your go-kart?

The best way to maintain and clean any go-kart is through thorough wiping, brushing, and grimes, and gunk removal using an effective cleaner or degreaser.

This process is recommended after you use the motorsport vehicle.

On the other hand, washing your go-kart may be required if mud and dirt are mainly visible. You also opt to proceed with washing and deep cleaning once a month.

However, it’s not going to do any good if you wash the go-kart too often, as it could lead to corrosion and other damage.

If you’re curious about how to execute the proper go-kart cleaning, stick around as we provide the essential details of the process.  

Here's The Best Way to Clean Go-Kart PIN

How Do You Clean a Go-Kart?

Cleaning your go-kart involves a lot of wiping and visible inspection. You have to ensure that every nook and cranny is checked for gunk or dirt buildup.

In a nutshell, cleaning a go-kart can be summed up into the following steps:

  1. Degreasing the Chassis
  2. Cleaning the Rear Axle and Bearing
  3. Cleaning and Blowing the Filter
  4. Removing Dirt and Grime from the Shields and Seals
  5. Cleaning the Brakes, Engine, and Sprocket Carrier
  6. Cleaning the Exterior Parts of the Go-Kart

But before you can go to the actual cleaning, you need to prepare the following materials.


The preferred cleaning solution for go-kart maintenance is the WD-40 cleaner spray. If you’re deep into automotive care, you’re probably familiar with this all-around cleaner. It removes oil, dirt, and many forms of residue without corroding the sensitive parts of the go-kart.

You can also try other cleaning products like the Simple Green cleaner or other degreasers appropriate for motor parts.

best way to clean go-kart

Microfiber Cloth

To wipe the surfaces and delicate parts of the go-kart, you need a microfiber cloth. It’s non-abrasive, quick-drying, and effectively eliminates oil-based dirt.

If you don’t have a microfiber cloth around, you can do away with paper towels. Rugs and other types of cleaning fabric may not perform the quality cleaning required for go-karts.


It won’t be proper cleaning if you don’t inspect the small and narrow parts of the go-kat. So, naturally, the microfiber cloth won’t reach these areas.

Fortunately, you can use a regular toothbrush to do the deed. Using its soft and slim bristles, you can remove gunk or grime trapped in between tight parts.

What Is the Best Way to Clean a Go-Kart?

If you want to employ an effective method of cleaning your go-kart, don’t miss the following steps.

1. Prepare the Cleaning Area and Supplies

Find a space that could accommodate the entire cleaning process. Preferably, it should be an area with a table huge enough to hold the go-kart. 

It’s best if the table is about the height of your hip. This elevation level is beneficial for you to inspect all the components and turn the go-kart if necessary.

Once you have prepared the cleaning area, gather all the cleaning supplies to start the first step.

2. Degrease the Chassis

Spray an ample amount of WD-40 to your microfiber cloth. Then, wipe the chassis back and forth until it’s spotless.

If there are chunks of mud, remove them by hand first. Do not attempt to scrape the dirt using a chisel or similar tool, as it can damage the chassis.

3. Clean the Rear Axle and Bearing

Wipe the rear axle and bearing using the same materials (a WD-40 and microfiber cloth). Turn the axle so you can cover all surfaces.

Use the toothbrush and remove the muck in its inner parts to clean the bearing.

go kart chassis

4. Clean and Blow the Filter

The filter is prone to water accumulation which in turn causes significant problems. So, it’s essential to have it cleaned and then blown.

You can remove the filter and rinse it with water to clean it thoroughly. Then using a compressor, blow it and dry it off completely before putting it back.

5. Remove Dirt and Grime From the Shields and Seals

To clean the shield and seal, remove it from the bearings first. Next, take out visible dirt and grime and wipe it gently using the microfiber with WD-40.

However, if the mud and grime have completely solidified, remove it manually or use a power washer.

6. Clean the Brakes, Engine, and Sprocket Carrier

Continue the exact cleaning method (wiping and inspecting) with the brakes, engine, and sprocket carrier. Make sure to watch out for minor damage and dirt lodged in the deeper areas.

7. Clean the Exterior Parts of the Go-Kart

Finish off the cleaning by wiping the outer frame of the go-kart. Remove visible dirt in the front and back bumper as well as the frame. You can use soap and water for these parts. Just make sure to dry them off. Or you can execute the same method from before.  

driving a go-kart

Are Go-Karts Hard to Maintain?

Yes, it’s true. Go-karts can be hard to maintain especially if you’re not consistent with cleaning and inspection.

Unlike other sports vehicles, go-karts have parts that are almost out in the open. Therefore, they get exposed to dirt and mud frequently.

With that, you will always have to find the time to check every part and remove residues. 

Otherwise, these grime and mud can damage the go-kart in the long run, and you’ll end replacing the components or the entire vehicle. Now, it goes without saying, but this could be incredibly pricey.

Aside from cleaning, there’s also the necessary engine check, oil change, air filter replacement, and other services required to ensure go-kart performance.

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How Often Should You Clean a Go-Kart?

You should clean your go-kart every after use. Wipe the parts with a cleaning solution or wash them lightly. Neglecting this can subject your go-kart to potential corrosion from grimes and muck stuck on the surface and in the depths of the bearings and other critical components.  

On the other hand, you should perform deep cleaning in your go-kart once a month or when the grime and mud cover most of the go-kart structure. 

Deep cleaning involves thorough washing. You can use mild soap and water and finish off with WD-40 cleaner.

By incorporating water into the cleaning process, you can easily get rid of dirt and mud, especially on the exterior of the go-kart. However, you must make sure the go-kart completely dries off.

The use of power washers continues to be a debatable subject when it comes to go-kart cleaning. Nonetheless, you can opt to use this tool, provided that the pressure is safe for your go-kart.

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Final Thoughts

Once you buy your go-kart, you should already expect that there will be a lot of cleaning that comes with the purchase.

Nonetheless, it’s still a fair trade considering the level of fun you get when riding a go-kart.

Still, if you want to keep your go-kart functioning well, cleaning it regularly and having it checked consistently are the key tasks you need to carry out.

Fortunately, you can do the cleaning part yourself. It’s only a matter of commitment and care.

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