3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Mix Alcohol And Go-Karting

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If you’re one of those who likes to have that drink before hitting the go-kart track, you need to rethink your strategy. Drinking an alcoholic beverage can cause impairment of reflexes and dizziness which can lead to an increased risk of accidents.

Can you drink and drive go karts? The answer in short is no! Beverage consumption can result in difficulties with cognitive tasks such as maintaining focus on the track and decreases your awareness of your surroundings. Consequences aren’t limited to the driver who drinks but can also affect other go-kart drivers. 

When you are out with friends and decide to go-kart racing, it is important to know the dangers of drinking alcohol before driving. 

It is important to not drink any alcohol at all if you intend on driving a go-kart. Driving while under the influence puts you and others in danger. Having one or two drinks could lead to impairment and risk of injury.

Can You Drink And Drive Go Karts

Go-karting is a sport that is often overlooked by many people. It can be seen as childish or for those who are not serious about racing. But it is actually an intense, competitive sport that requires skills and reflection.

The go-karts are typically small-scale cars with tight turns and high-speed capabilities for the driver. Riders must use these skills to their advantage in order to win the race.

The sport of go-karting is one that requires sharpness from the driver. The slightest miscalculation can lead to a crash and potential injury.

To be successful, drivers must remain focused and avoid distraction.

Can You Drink And Drive Go Karts

Although this may seem like just a child’s game, go-karting has become an increasingly popular sport for adults to compete in as well.

Go-karting while drunk is not something that should be taken lightly. This is an activity that, if done foolishly, can lead to serious consequences. It’s difficult to find yourself in danger when you are taking go-karting seriously, but it’s much easier to get into trouble when you don’t and consume any kind of alcohol before you hit the track.

1. Effects of Alcohol On Judgement 

Alcohol consumption has long been known to impair judgment, decrease inhibitions, and increase the potential for risky behavior. Alcohol consumption is also linked to an increased risk of developing mental health disorders such as depression or anxiety. There are many factors that lead people to drink, but the goal should always be to stay in control.

Alcohol, the most widely used drug in the world, inhibits the brain’s ability to send signals. Research has shown that drinking alcohol for just one night can lead to slurred speech, unsteady gait, and difficulty with coordination. Alcohol can affect our sensory perception and mental functioning which can be particularly hazardous when driving.

It has been well documented that alcohol consumption impairs one’s reaction time, vision, judgment, decision-making abilities, and impulse control. All of these effects can have a major impact on driving performance.

Alcohol is a depressant that causes decreased alertness, impaired judgment, and mood changes. It also alters cognitive processes in many different ways which include the individual becoming less rational in their decisions that may put themselves at risk for harm.

driving a go kart

2. Effects Of Alcohol On Decision Making 

Although much research has been done to determine how much alcohol can be consumed without having a negative effect on decision making, the effects of alcohol on decision making are dependent on a wide variety of factors. These include genetics, age, sex, weight, and the social environment. Alcohol is a depressant that affects brain function by slowing down nerve impulses in the brain and in other parts of the body.

Many people consume alcohol with the intent of altering their mental state. Alcohol is a depressant, which means it slows down our central nervous system and can put us in a more relaxed mood. With alcohol affecting our cognitive abilities, decision-making skills, and balance, there are some possible outcomes that may occur as a result of consuming alcohol prior to go-karting.

Someone may make poor decisions such as engaging in risky driving behavior or taking excessive risks while racing. These poor decisions could lead to serious consequences such as a collision or an injury.

3. Effects Of Alcohol On Reaction Time 

Many people enjoy go-karting as a hobby. However, one thing that many don’t realize is that this hobby can be dangerous if you’ve been drinking alcohol. Alcohol slows down your reaction time and can cause accidents when you are going go-karting.

The more alcohol you have in your system the more dangerous it becomes for not only yourself but for others on the track as well.

Alcohol consumption may lead to slower reaction times. A recent study found that heavier drinkers’ reaction time was 2/10ths of a second slower than for moderate drinkers. The study also found that in countries with strict alcohol policies, like Finland, car drivers tend to have faster response times.

Many people believe that drinking alcohol can improve focus because it causes the drinker to feel more relaxed. However, this is false. The truth is that alcohol reduces focus when it comes to tasks that are complicated and physically demanding, such as go-karting.

Go-karting is a sport that takes both mental and physical skills to win. However, one aspect of go-karting that many people forget about is the danger of consuming alcohol before driving.

Alcohol can cause drivers to misjudge, be distracted, and have difficulty reacting quickly. This is why it is important for drinkers not to consume alcohol prior to attempting go-karting.

The Dangers Of Driving Under The Influence

You May Get Injured

Racing with a go-kart after alcohol consumption may get you injured. The slightest error in judgment can have irreversible consequences, especially when under the influence of alcohol. Driving a go-kart is even riskier due to the lack of protection afforded by the vehicle.

This is why racing organizations and tracks prohibit drivers from consuming alcohol before the event.

You May Cause Injuries To Other Drivers

Driving a go-kart after alcohol consumption may cause injury to other drivers. The operator of a vehicle that is small and moves at high speeds can easily run into other cars on the road, causing them to crash and become injured.

This is because these vehicles cannot maintain control, and will usually veer off to one side and crash. If the driver is impaired by alcohol or drugs, there could be serious consequences such as an accident or even death for those involved in the collision.

racing with a go kart

You May Be Kicked-Out Of The Track

If you’re planning on driving a go-kart after drinking alcohol, it might be best to plan differently. Driving a go-kart after consuming alcohol is illegal and may lead to the driver being banned from the track forever.

Damages To Your Kart

Many people know that drinking alcohol is not good for the body, but many don’t have always in mind the dangers of consuming alcohol while driving a go-kart.

Even if you are an experienced go-karter with many hours of practice under your belt, finishing up a cold beer before your next kart race could cause serious consequences such as wrecking your kart.

Legal Consequences

Even if you get away from the above dangers keep in mind that alcohol consumption prior to driving a go-kart has also legal consequences. This depends on the state you are in and some states are more strict than others. However, keep in mind that racing while being drunk could lead you to jail too.

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How To Keep You And Your Friends Safe While Go-Karting

Thousands of people flock to go-kart tracks every year for the excitement and fun it provides. But, safety is always a top priority when on track. The safety precautions are non-negotiable.

To maintain good safety, it is important to not only wear the proper racing safety gear but also have a drink with your friends after finishing the race. 

After all, you’ve earned it with hard work and dedication!

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Final Thoughts

Go-karting is a fun, exhilarating activity that can bring people together for a day. The combination of speed and the elements is sure to create an exciting time for all. However, it’s important to remember not to drink alcohol beforehand because it could have serious consequences.

Some of the worst are injuries due to drinking and driving, wrecking your kart, or being arrested during the race. So, can you drink and drive go karts? Absolutely no! Stay sober, drive safely, and enjoy every racing day with your go-kart!

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