Can You Use Lawnmower Wheels on a Go-Kart?

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You may have an old lawnmower and you’re tempted to try its wheels on your go-kart. So, you ask yourself; can you use lawnmower wheels on a go-kart?

Lawnmower wheels may fit on your go-kart. But I don’t recommend using them because they’re designed for a different purpose. These tires are made for lower speed and with no traction requirements. Go-kart tires are designed to perform at higher speeds and keep your kart within the track.

If you plan to install them to a home go-kart and just for fun, feel free to do it. But if you want to speed up and achieve speeds over 15 mph, then you should have proper tires for your go-kart. Don’t jeopardize safety for your fun or to save some bucks. 

With this post, we gathered interesting information about go-kart tires. So, keep reading to learn what kind of tires are the best for your go-kart.


Why You Can’t Use Lawnmower Wheels on a Go-Kart

As we mentioned if the lawnmower tires fit your kart, then you could put them on. But, when racing with your kart, don’t expect them to perform well. And let’s be honest here, tires are essential for your safety and for the safety of the other racers.

The compound of lawnmower tires is completely different from go-kart tires. Go-karts need good traction to perform on a racing track. So, they have tires designed with having in mind performance and traction.

Lawnmower tires are more basic tires that are designed just to keep the lawnmower going. They can’t offer you the necessary traction.

Can You Use Lawnmower Wheels on a Go-Kart

Go-kart tires are solid and you need to change them very often. So, if you want to go for a test ride in your backyard, you can use your lawnmower tires. With caution and just for fun. If you plan to compete with others, don’t do it. At first, you won’t be competitive, and second and most important you’ll be dangerous!

How To Choose Go-Kart Tires

When changing your go-kart tires you should have a few basic things in mind. What kind of go-kart will you drive? Is it an off-road or a racing go-kart?

The experience of driving on rocky passages, and drifting on the beach is fun. But, it requires a whole different go-kart setup and tires too. These karts are designed for off-road driving and have bigger and grooved tires. Racing go-karts have slick tires and they have a whole different setup.

If you opt for racing tires, you should have in mind the conditions of the track. Also, you’ll need different tires if it rains, and for warm weather.

Go-kart tires may seem all the same for beginners. But, you have to check your tire dimensions before you buy any set of tires for your kart. Go-kart tires buying purchasing decision is very like buying tires for a car. You need to know the type of vehicle, the surface you’re going to drive, and weather conditions. Also, you can’t buy car tires without knowing the dimensions.

What Are Go-Kart Tires Made Of?

Go-kart tires are made from fabric cords. These are the most common and are used in the production of kart tires. The material used is nylon, polyester, and sometimes rayon. Slicks are usually made of polyester and nylon or rayon are used for rain tires.

Tire manufacturers use tire cords to reinforce in maintain the shape of tires.

The shape of tires is maintained by tire cords as reinforcement. Higher rigidity tire cords provide the kart with better traction and handling.

Why Do Go-Karts Have Small Wheels

Go-karts need to have a low center of gravity. That’s the main reason why they come with small wheels.

A lower center of gravity is essential for low-end torque, handling, and jacking. This kind of physics is crucial when turning tight corners with a go-kart.

Can You Put Bigger Tires on a Go-Kart

To have the best possible traction on track you can put bigger (width) tires. These are more expensive but they will provide you with better handling. And your kart will perform even better on track.  

Your go-kart will be faster and you’ll be more competitive. Bigger tires results in better traction and grip. These elements are important when go-kart racing.

Especially on tracks without many long straights, you need cornering skills and ability. In tracks with long straights, your kart should perform better in reaching top speeds

go-kart racing

How Long Do Go-Kart Tires Last?

To answer this question you need to ask yourself how committed you are to go-karting. If you plan to spend some time with family and friends, then you should replace tires every 3 to 4 racing weekends. But to compete with other drivers and win some races, you need to change tires every racing day.

A racing event can last for 2-3 hours. After finishing this event your tires need to be replaced with new ones. So, we could say that you should replace your tires after a couple of hours of racing.

Go-kart competition is a hobby that costs. If you plan to compete to a semi-professional level, you’ll have to spend around $12k per year. This cost doesn’t include the safety gear.

Running with the same tires for a second or third time won’t help you. Your tires won’t provide the necessary grip and other drivers will beat you with ease.

Final Thoughts

All in all, you can use your lawnmower wheels on your go-kart but just for fun. Otherwise, it will be dangerous for you and for the other drivers. Also, you won’t be able to compete and pursue a victory on the track.

Planning to test them for fun in the backyard of your home? See if the lawnmower tires fit your kart and feel free to try them. But again, don’t race with others.

These tires have been designed for a whole different purpose and won’t provide you any grip. Your kart will be difficult to drive and especially to turn.

Tires are essential to all vehicles for safety and to ensure a smooth driving experience. Not all tires are designed the same. Go-kart tires are designed to perform at high speeds and enhance cornering ability.

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