Go-Karting Tips For Beginners – Learn The Essentials Now!

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Karting is an enjoyable activity for people of all ages. We’ve all dreamed of the thrill of racing at some point in our lives. Karting can be an exciting activity for everyone. So, whether you’re racing against pals or want to compete on the go-kart track, you’ll have a great time. 

Before putting on your race suit, helmet, and gloves, make sure you understand a few basics. Then, take a seat behind the steering wheel and smash the lap times!

Basic Go-Karting Tips For Beginners

Go-karting has many fundamentals. From the obvious, such as wearing a seatbelt, to the less obvious, such as don’t lean into the bend. You could easily make a mistake as a novice go-kart racer.

Go-Kart fundamentals include:

Wear proper safety gear, not just store it in your closet!

Wear your seatbelt at all times

One leg on the throttle and one on the brakes

Some people may think it’s common sense to use one foot for gas and brake pedal. Yet, for a beginner, it can be a complete shock. 

There are many levels of go-karting fundamentals. Each one is vital to understanding the sport in general.

They also apply to experienced drivers.

Go-Karting Tips For Beginners

Never Be Reckless!

I can’t stress enough how critical it is to wear the proper gear when driving go-karts. Ultimately, this activity is a motorsport, with all the corresponding risk. So the very least you can do is reduce your risk of harm with preparation. 

Furthermore, the correct gear will actually make you faster in go-kart racing. So there are no excuses not to wear these life-saving items:

  • Helmet for accidents 
  • Go-Kart racing suit
  • Gloves for racing 
  • Rib protection for race boots 
  • Over-suit for wet weather (depending on weather) 

Don’t race without these essentials, and it will become second nature soon! Bringing rain gear when the forecast does not call for rain may seem unnecessary. But, it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

Race suits and other pieces of equipment in a full set are developed with aerodynamics in mind. They also improve your go-kart driving comfort. Especially when you consider the need to wear gloves or use rib protection.

Hand wraps with extra sticky fabric on the palms will improve your grip on the steering wheel. They will also protect your hands from severe blisters. While racing, rib protection will prevent you from getting bruised. Go-kart seats can be harsh and unforgiving!

This gear will keep you safe from accidents. You won’t be uncomfortable, and you’ll have more energy to race your heart out.

Getting The Right Go-Kart Is Important!

A common mistake that beginners do is choosing the wrong kart to start with. Faster go-karts are for experienced drivers who compete to decrease the lap times. 

Before you get behind the wheel, make sure you get the proper go-kart. Choose the right for your age, weight, height, and ability level. If you’re going to spend time racing, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to choose from a variety of arriving and drive packages. 

The number of races and the type of go-kart is frequently factored into these packages. Adult, junior, and two-seater go-karts are the most frequent. You can use the following as a guide: 

Junior Go-Karts are a type of vehicle designed for children. Height of the driver: 4’1″ – 5’3″ Age of the driver: 6 to 12 years Maximum Driver Weight: 280 lbs. 

Karts for Adults Driver Age: 12+ Years Driver Height: 5’1″ – 6’7″ Driver Height: 5’1″ – 6’7″ Maximum Driver Weight: 300 lbs. 

Because this is your first race, a single-seater go-kart is strongly suggested. Choose a go-kart that’s appropriate for your height, age, and weight. When in doubt, ask the race track staff to assign you a go-kart.

What to Wear When Go Karting

If you want to be comfortable during your karting race, you must know what to wear. You can’t enjoy a fantastic turn when you have too-tight pants bothering you.  

Wear loose and comfortable clothing that you can move in. Nothing too revealing or that you’re afraid will get mucky, but a pair of jeans and a T-shirt will do. You won’t be able to race in anything with an open toe or high heels, so trainers are the best choice. 

Before you enter the track area, you will be issued overalls and gloves. So, make sure your clothing isn’t too heavy – it becomes very hot once the excitement sets in.  

If you have long hair, tie it back out of the way. You will be provided a helmet and you will need a balaclava unless you bring your own. For 50 cents, you can have a disposable one, or you can get a reusable cotton one for $5 that makes a great keepsake.  

It is best to leave valuable or large jewelry at home, rather than risk losing them on the circuit! 

Now that you’re dressed for the occasion, it’s time to hit the track.

go-kart racing track

Find Your Perfect Seat!

A correct seating position, like it or not, can have a significant impact on how the go-kart accelerates and drives. The driver position is the place to start if you want to enjoy eternal bragging rights. 

It is ideal to sit with your back resting against the back of the seat and the steering wheel comfortably within arm’s reach. Avoid leaning forward while racing. This truly causes you to slow down.

How to Drive a Go Kart

Posture and placement affect handling and speed, so they are crucial for performance. Ensure your back is flat on the seat and your hands are evenly distributed on the steering wheel. 

Gently press the accelerator pedal until you begin to move. Get a sense for how much you need to press the pedal to move the kart by practicing. 

Make sure you know how to use the brake. Before you speed up, make sure you know how to use it. When you brake sharply or when you are turning, you can lose traction and slow down. 

Smooth driving is the key to effective racing. Avoid rapid braking, which lowers your speed. You can maintain your speed and traction by braking in a straight line. Smooth driving is crucial. 

Keep the kart as straight as possible – By doing so, you will be able to increase your speed and complete those fast laps! 

Keep a safe gap between you and the barriers, as well as other drivers, to avoid unwanted collisions! 

You should use the first few laps as practice to get to know your kart, to feel its speed, and to warm up your tyres. The first lap should be slow and steady; don’t try to push it until you’ve figured out how to control it.

Practice With The Pedals

To get a feel for how the kart handles, we recommend taking some practice laps before your first race. Try pressing the pedals all the way down to see how sensitive they are. Ensure that you don’t push both of them at the same time! 

Go-karting requires a lot of pedal power. Unlike a normal car, a kart only has brakes on its rear wheels. This is just one of the reasons why you should brake aggressively when approaching a turn. Release the brake gradually as you reach the peak of the turn before accelerating.

go-kart racing for beginners

Do Not Drift

Drifting go-karts aren’t the fastest! Although it may appear to be fun, drifting on the track can severely slow you down. You will be slowed down as a result. A common cause of drifting is braking during a turn. So, brake harder before a turn. 

Drifting may also say that you are approaching a corner too quickly. If you’re learning how to drive a go-kart, resist the urge to make a sharp turn at every curve. 

When exiting a corner, sharp twists can lead you to slip out wide. When you reach the apex of a turn, steadily turn your wheel. When exiting a corner, aim for the outside of the track so you don’t have to turn so sharply.

Look Ahead

The first time you drive a go-kart may be intimidating. It can feel like you’re driving twice as fast when you’re low to the ground. Beginners often make the mistake of looking only a few meters ahead of their kart.

Your vision of the track ahead is severely limited when you can only see a few meters ahead. Your brain needs extra time to absorb the track ahead of you in preparation for the next maneuver. 

Aim to look at least one step ahead of where you are now. When you reach the pinnacle, you should be already looking ahead.

Final Thoughts

Karting is the perfect activity for anyone that loves to race. Whether you’re a beginner or have years of experience, karting can be a fun and exciting way to race around a track. Because it’s so common, you may not realize that there are many different types of karts available for use. We provided some tips on choosing the best one for you, as well as a few helpful points on things like safety precautions.

I hope this post helps you for your next go-karting excursion. Whether you’re planning on racing or are just looking to have fun, there are many things to remember when out at the track. For example, it would be wise to scope out the perfect go-kart before entering any competition. 

While this may seem like all fun, you don’t want to be stuck in the slowest go-kart when everyone else is zooming past you and having a great time. So if you want to win the race and really set yourself apart, make sure that you arrive with the best kart around!

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