Here’s How Fast Is A 212cc Go Kart! (Extra Insights)

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Go karts come in many different types, but some people like to go faster than others. A 212cc go kart is a good choice for those who want more speed. This kind of kart is great for boostingadrenaline!

So, how fast is a 212cc go kart? A go kart powered by a 212cc engine can reach speeds between 20 and 35 miles per hour (32 and 56 km/h) This is one of the most popular performance engines for go karts. It is a remarkable performance and comes without any further modifications.

Some people find nothing more thrilling than the feeling of speed. Those who are looking for a new thrill can choose a fast go kart as a new hobby. Besides being fun, fast go-karting helps you burn calories, too!

Predator 6.5 HP 212cc – How Fast Is It?

Predator 6.5 HP 212cc OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engines are high-performance, smooth-riding engines that are top-of-the-line.

Besides a go kart, this engine is suitable for a variety of personal leisure vehicles and industrial applications.

It provides plenty of power and speed to get you started and will provide consistent power output over a long time.

In the following paragraphs, you will find the main features of this gas engine, which can also be used for go karting.

how fast is a 212cc go kart
Brand Predator
Name6.5 HP (212cc) OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine EPA
Diameter 70mm
Displacement 212 cc
Horsepower 6.5 HP
Shaft Output Counterclockwise
Sound rating (dB) 104 dB
Start type Recoil
Height 14 in.
Length 12-1/2 in.
Weight 37.5 lbs. / 17 kg
Warranty90 Days

Your go kart can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour with this engine. There are also performance parts available that can increase your go kart’s horsepower and therefore its performance.

To make your little engine even more effective, you must provide it with more air and fuel. Additionally, a performance exhaust pipe can allow more air to exit the engine, making your go kart even faster.

It is possible to disconnect the governor in addition to replacing the intake filter and exhaust pipe. These performance tricks do not comply with the engine’s warranty terms. Furthermore, the more power the go kart has, the more pollution it creates.

Are Gas Karts Faster Than Electric Karts?

Considering the performance of a 6.5 hp 212 cc gas engine, you may wonder if electric go karts are faster. You should consider two different factors when answering this question: acceleration and maximum speed.

Electric go karts perform better at achieving maximum speed than gas-powered go karts. Electric cars provide instant power when you press the accelerator pedal. There are a lot of turns on most race tracks, and immediate acceleration is the key to competing and winning.

An electric car’s top speed may not be different from a gas go kart’s. Electric go karts can reach their top speed much faster than gas karts. Moreover, electric cars make no noise compared to gas karts. 

In addition, electric go karts require less maintenance than gas karts. In this sense, they are more practical since they offer fun and only require recharging. 

Other advantages of electric karts include more torque, reverse gear, no exhaust pipe fumes, and much faster accelerating than gas karts.

How Fast Are Pro Go-Karts?

Speed is one of the most important factors in professional go karts. Specially designed for high-speed racing, these go karts are not your average go karts. They accelerate rally fast thanks to highly advanced engines and lightweight chassis.

Go-karts are considered the introduction to Formula 1 racing and can reach incredible speeds. Leisure go-karts can typically go no faster than 60 mph. However, professional racing go karts can run at impressive speeds of up to 155 mph.

racing go kart

As they come with advanced technologies and equipment, professional go karts are relatively more expensive than hobbyist go karts. Karts of this type are used in international competitions and can cost up to $10,000. They are also much more costly to maintain.

Since these go-karts are far from hobby/toy go-karts, you must be an experienced professional to compete with them.

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What Is The Fastest Go-Kart

As discussed, electric go karts accelerate more quickly than gas go karts. It is electric and powers the fastest go kart in the world. Specifically, the Daymak C5 Blast accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 1.5 seconds.

This is outstanding performance and the top speed is surprising too. Daymak C5 Blast can reach speeds of 140mph. If you search this super-kart online, you’ll see that it’s a Canadian model and you can buy it if you wish for around $60,000.

This is the ultimate version of a performance go-kart based on state-of-the-art technologies. Light materials and a smart combination of technologies have been applied to create this super-fast go-kart. The creator claims that this go-kart can almost fly!  

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Final Thoughts

Reading through this post you should know that go karts equipped with 212cc Predator engines can reach speeds of 35 mph. This engine is reliable, popular among hobbyists, and can offer plenty of power.

You can also browse the web to find spare parts to further increase the performance of the 212 cc engine. Replacement of intake, exhaust, and disconnecting the governor can increase the excitement you will have when driving a kart with Predator 212 cc.

Predator 212 cc 6.5 hp gas engine is ideal for amateur go-karts and there are much faster go karts. Pros are racing with racing karts that cost up to $10,000 and can race at speeds of 155mph. Racing karts are impressive and require experience to handle.  

Electric engines perform generally better than gas engines. They have immediate acceleration, no noise-less maintenance, and usually only require recharging.

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