How Long Do Go-Karts Last? Learn What We Found!

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If you’ve done kart racing for fun or competition, it’s natural for you to be curious about go-karts.

Whether you’re thinking of purchasing a go-kart for professional use or for rare occasions, you need to learn all the basics about go-kart. It also includes acquiring information about the longevity of go-karts and how often you might need to replace your karts.

Most go-karts last a few years, depending on their use, but if you use them on a frequent basis, they might wear out in 1-2 years.

If you want to know how long do go-karts last in detail, we’ve got you covered. We’ve discussed the longevity of go-karts in detail so that it becomes easy for you to purchase one.

Why Professionals Need to Change Karts Often?

If you’re into professional karting, it’s completely understandable if you want to change your go-karts often.

Although most racers who race a few times a year or only enjoy racing as a hobby prefer changing karts in 5-6 years, professionals don’t see it that way.

Professional racers have to participate in races a few times a month or even more. This can slow down the engine and can act as a hindrance to their win.

Also, professional drivers are always being sponsored by different brands and many companies are willing to change the go-karts for them.

So, why not? If you were a professional racer, you’d be willing to change your go-karts after every race too.

Another factor that plays a role in purchasing a go-kart after a few races is the brand-new model, specifications, and speed limit. Using a brand-new go-kart with better mileage and specifications ensures wins for an expert driver.

Professional racers can also sell their used go-karts at a better price and purchase a new one for their race with only a few hundred bucks extra. All of these factors work in favor of pro-racers to change their go-karts after a few races.

fixing a go-kart

How Long Do Go-Karts Last on Average?

If you play once a while and use your go-karts only a few times in a year, your go-karts will last you for more than a decade. Of course, you will experience minor problems here and there, just like any other vehicle.

But you can easily fix these problems in a jiffy. All these minor problems will not interfere with the working efficiency of your go-kart.

However, if you’re a professional racer and you participate in leagues more often, you might face serious issues with your go-kart. Go-karts are built in such a way that they can tolerate only some amount of damage.

With frequent use, possibly when you’re using your go-karts for 5-6 times a month or even more, your go-karts can wear down within 3-4 years or even less.

When Is It Good to Replace Your Kart?

We believe that you should replace your vehicle only when it’s no longer fixable. And this applies to go-karts as well.

If your go-kart is facing minor technical issues after years of use, see if the issues are easy to fix or not. In most go-karts, you can always find minor faults after a few years of use, for instance, broken chain and dead engine, etc. But all of these issues can be fixed easily, and your go-kart will be ready to use again.

But if your go-kart is experiencing a severe issue like a damaged chassis, you should consider replacing your go-kart. A damaged chassis is not worth fixing and can be quite expensive too. If you’ve got a damaged chassis beyond repair, you should think about getting a new go-kart.

Usually, professional racers change their go-karts after 5-6 races. This is because they think that a few races might have worn the karts down, and the motor might be slow.

But with a few touch-ups, even pro racers can use their go-karts for a long time. Just because a kart has been used for quite some time does not mean it needs replacement.

You should only consider getting a new go-kart only when your vehicle has broken parts or if it has issues that are not worth repairing.

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What About Pro Kart?

The longevity of pro-karts depends on a lot of factors. Some of these factors include chassis, level of competition, etc.

You could own an Infiniti Epic, and it would last you for years since the chassis is solid and durable. The tubing of the chassis is quite large and lasts pretty long with some maintenance.

professional go-karting

If you regularly work on the axles and spindles, the chassis will stay strong for years. Regular maintenance would keep the chassis from “flexing out” too soon like other regular chassis designs.

Ultramax karts also have strong chassis designs and last pretty long as well. However, pro karts with smaller tubing can wear out pretty fast. The chassis in these karts tend to “flex out” faster and hence need frequent replacement.

Pro karts last as long as the chassis keeps working. Once the chassis wears out, you will start noticing the changes yourself. There will be malfunctioning with the spindles, tires and you will notice drops in the percentages.

Overall, you will start sensing a lot of problems when you’re racing and then you will realize that perhaps it’s time to part ways.

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Final Thoughts

Bringing it to the end, it can be said that go-karts can last many years with the right kind of chassis and design. However, it should not affect you as long as you’re racing just for fun.

If professional racing is your thing and you’re curious about how long do go-karts last, you should consider investing in a kart with solid chassis or replacing your karts on a yearly basis.

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