How Many Calories Do You Burn Go Karting?

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Go-karting is already exhilarating motorsport as it is. But you’ll be even pleased to know that it’s packed with health benefits, including some real action calorie burning.

So, how many calories do you burn go-karting? According to research, you can burn up to 358 calories within 30 minutes of go-karting. This was reported by TeamSport, an indoor go-karting company in the UK. And with that, you get the assurance that go-karting can help you shed some weight.

But even without knowing the figures, if you simply look at the physical demands of go-karting, you’ll get the idea that motorsport holds plenty of health benefits.

Moreover, if you are a go-karting professional or an enthusiast, you would know that a certain degree of fitness is necessary for the sport. Hence, exercise is tied to its nature.

Combine it with the advantages of go-karting itself, and you might just land on the weight-loss goal you’re aiming for.

Know more about how go-karting helps you burn more calories and its other benefits as you read on.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Go Karting

Is Go-Karting a Good Exercise?

Yes, go-karting is an excellent exercise that incorporates fun in the process. However, you need to exert energy and above-average physical effort to perform go-karting. As a result, you’ll notice a gradual improvement in your heart rate and muscle build.

However, when it comes to exercise, one of the main concerns is the level of motivation the activity provides.

Many people often find workouts and exercises unenjoyable. After all, the work and pain involved in these physical activities go beyond your average output. Plus, your attention pretty much fixates on the repetition required.

On the other hand, it’s easier to forget about the restraints and physical pressure with go-karting as the motorsport releases plenty of happy hormones.

So, you don’t just get the muscle tone and fitness you want; you get to enjoy the process as well.

The Physical Demands of Go-Karting

Go-karting may seem like regular driving. But it requires more physical effort than meets the eye, which is advantageous if you’re trying to burn more calories.

For starters, when you’re kart racing, the thrill of motorsport will elevate your heart rate and increase your adrenaline level.

Adrenaline is a hormone produced by the pancreas during situations that demand more energy, concentration, and alertness. To execute these actions, calories need to be processed – even the stored ones in the form of fats.

Then, there’s the physical demand for arm strength while steering the wheel, considering the absence of power steering in go-karting.

Grip and maneuver develop your biceps and triceps over time. Moreover, your overall riding position withstands a certain level of pressure that improves stamina.

Go-Karting a Good Exercise

Do You Lose Weight Go-Karting?

Yes, you can effectively lose weight by go-karting. However, it’s conditional.

Although go-karting burns many calories, it may not be enough if other aspects of your lifestyle are not fit for weight loss.

For example, you may be practicing your go-karting skills on the track daily, but if your diet is not on the same page with the calorie-burning action, you might just miss the weight loss contribution of the go-karting.

Nevertheless, if you put together regular exercise, proper nutrition, and go-karting, there’s a high chance that you’ll shed some weight fast.

What Are the Health Benefits of Go-Karting?

Like any physically demanding motorsport, you can get tons of health benefits from go-karting. Here are some of the advantages your body can take from this exciting motorsport.

1.      Improves Brain Functions

It’s not just your physical health that gets a lot of boosts when you do go-karting. Your mental strength and brain functions also improve.

For example, your level of alertness goes up when you race or drive on the tracks. This is because you get to use your peripheral vision and analyze your moves.

Furthermore, you develop a higher level of concentration and memorization techniques.

These brain function enhancements come effortlessly as you practice and join more go-karting races.

2.      Ensures Better Reflexes

One of the powerful benefits of go-karting is better reflexes.

Generally, your reflexes are your saving grace against potential threats or accidents in driving. It goes the same in go-karting.

In fact, in some circumstances, you’ll need to use more of your reflexes when you’re on track.

Go-karting obstacle courses have a lot of bends, corners, and sometimes physical obstructions. Plus, you have several other competitors with you on the track.

So, if you’re not fast enough to appropriately react to bumps and turns, you might find yourself out of the race with or without injuries.

Fortunately, the nature of go-karting itself triggers the need for better reflexes. But, of course, if you invest in the skill, frequent karting rides on the track will do the trick. 

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3.      Improves Oxygen Flow

Your blood vessels tend to dilate during go-karting. This is due to several factors but primarily goes back to the adrenaline rush that the event induces.

As the walls of your blood vessels expand, more blood cells get to pass through. And as you may already know, your blood is responsible for bringing oxygen to the different body parts.

So, the more blood that passes the blood vessels, the more oxygen is delivered to your cells. If you have sufficient oxygen in the body, your organs will function properly, and you sustain more energy.

go kart health benefits

4.      Develops Muscle Strength and Endurance

Many go-karting racers and aficionados can attest to how motorsport improves muscle strength and endurance, especially when a strenuous activity is involved.

For one, your biceps and triceps will work hard as grip strength relies on these muscles. But aside from strength, you’re also bound to increase your stamina.

Go-karting can last for not less than two hours on the tracks, but practice can take longer than that. Although it may seem like you’re just sitting down on the kart, there’s a lot of pressure and tension your body will experience when you ride.

Therefore, if you combine the time factor and physical demands of go-karting, it’s inevitable to develop a certain endurance level.

5.      Boosts Your Mood

Aside from the adrenaline rush, your brain also produces neurotransmitters or chemicals that improve your mood when go-karting.

For example, the challenge of go-karting allows for a chemical called dopamine to increase.

Dopamine is dubbed as the “feel good” hormone or neurotransmitter. It is produced by the brain whenever you feel pleasure, especially from getting rewarded.

So, whenever you finish a race or complete a lap, your brain produces more dopamine which induces a positive mood.

Moreover, high dopamine levels also improve your learning, cognition, and motor system function.

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Final Thoughts

Losing weight is always tied up with burning calories. Therefore, knowing that go-karting helps in this area will give you more confidence and motivation to stay on the tracks.

Go-karting also has plenty of benefits that boost your health.

It helps you get fit and stay protected from illnesses. And burning calories is just one of them.

In time, you’ll get to experience more improvements that keep you on top of the wellness charts.

If you’re struggling to start an active lifestyle and you’re always fond of go-karting, then you might hit two birds with one stone. 

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