How Much Do Go Karts Cost? (Complete Guide)

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Let’s face it, go-karting can be quite an investment. The entire activity has an expensive streak which is probably why people associate go-karting with affluence.

Nonetheless, there are some ways to go around its total price. But first, how much do go karts cost exactly? The average cost for a go-kart is between $400 to $3,500. And that’s just for brand new go-karts. The actual price depends on the type of go-kart you want. If you’re set to buy a racing go-kart, then expect to spend more than buying an off-road go-kart.  

If you choose to build your own, the total cost will depend on many factors such as material quality, additional parts, etc.

Nonetheless, the surge of go-kart brands and individual parts makes choosing the suitable kart for your need and style even more challenging. But with the proper standards and criteria, this task can be a walk in the park. And we’re here to do just that.  

How Much Does Go-Karting Cost?

Go-karting as a competitive sport costs roughly at least $10,000. This is if you are bootstrapping.

However, as you may have figured out by now, you will have to spend more than that to stand out in a professional competition.

Go-kart races are like a parade of expensive high-quality go-karts – not to mention the addition of other required protective gear and safety equipment such as a helmet and tracksuit.

Leading go-kart racers spend about $50,000 a year. However, it is worth mentioning that these racers also earn large sums of money.

Hence, their expenses are simply like a drop in the ocean.

How Much Do Go Karts Cost

On the other hand, if you are simply starting to learn motorsport or just go go-karting for fun, you don’t necessarily have to invest this much money. Instead, start with a reliable go-kart.

But first, you have to decide which type you should get. Check out the prices for different go-kart types below.

Cost of Go-Karts Based on Type

Pedal Go-Karts

Pedal go-karts are primarily intended for kids, so they are the cheapest go-kart type. You can find one online or in stores for as low as $100. But you can expect less from this price in terms of complexity.  

Nonetheless, the average cost of a decent pedal go-kart is between $150 to $250. 

Now, you may ask, how about pedal go-karts for adults? Are they available?

Well, pedal go-karts are designed for riders aged 4 to 12. It’s pretty uncommon to find these go-karts with adult equivalent except for those used in recreational parks due to low demands for the motorsport vehicle. 

Hauck Lightning - Pedal Go Kart | Pedal Car | Ride On Toys for Boys & Girls with Ergonomic Adjustable Seat & Sharp Handling - Pink
  • This Pedal Go Kart provides an authentic driving experience and allows the driver to control their speed.
  • Lightning is designed to be the perfect pedal go kart for young drivers and can be used to ride both indoor and outdoor.
  • It encourages physical activity, builds strength, endurance and coordination.
  • Always ready to go, never need to worry about batteries that require charging. 
  • Race-inspired pedals, rubber wheels and 8 ball style hand brake, 3-point sporty steering wheel and steel tube powder-coat frame.
  • The custom, ergonomic seat is adjustable and equipped with a high backrest for a comfortable, safe sitting position.

However, you can still purchase a pedal go-kart, but it will cost more – roughly at least $450. One example of a pedal go-kart for adults is the Two Dots GoKart Kit Outdoor Pedal Go-kart  

Off-Road Go-Karts

Unlike a pedal go-kart, off-road go-karts are far more complex. Therefore, they can be pricier and would require higher maintenance. 

The average cost of an off-road go-kart is between $1,000 to $2,000. The number of seating, size, and quality of materials primarily determine the actual price of these go-karts. 

Naturally, the bigger the vehicle, the pricier it would be. 

Larger off-road go-karts can cost twice as much as their regular counterpart. This is because they are equipped with a heftier engine and chassis. Plus, they have a more extended body frame and a complex transmission system.

So, if you are going after a more formidable off-road go-kart, you will have to prepare a budget of about $4,000 to $5,000. 

Coleman Powersports 98cc/3.0HP CK100-S Go Kart Gas Powered Go Cart for Adults and Kids (13+)
  • 4 stroke OHV 1 cylinder – 98cc/3.0hp fully automatic engine
  • Recommended for riders up to 150lbs.
  • Recommended for ages 13 and over
  • The bolstered seat and four-point safety harness will keep you locked in behind the wheel
  • Heavy-duty padded roll cage for extra security
  • A kill switch ensures a quick and easy power off
  • Durable

Hoverboard Go-Karts

Hoverboard go-karts complete with all their components will cost between $300 to $500 per kit. 

Unlike other types of go-karts, a hoverboard go-kart is made of two separate items. You have the actual hoverboard and the seat attachment or conversion kit.

Hoverboards by themselves cost between $100 to $700 depending on the brand and material quality. On the other hand, the attachment or conversion kit would cost you about $65 to $150. But, again, this would depend on the brand and make. 

With those price ranges, you can secure a reliable hoverboard go-kart kit for about $200. 

TWO DOTS GoKart Kit for Adults

Electric Go-Karts

There has been a surge in the popularity of electric go-karts over the years. 

Professional racers have taken a liking to these innovative go-karts over their traditional gas-powered counterparts. So, you can only imagine the impact of the demand on its price.

Roughly, the average price for an electric go-kart is between $10,000 to $12,000. While it may seem a lot of money, the price justifies the performance of the go-kart. This is why racers often aim for electric go-karts, as the engine guarantees a smooth, faster ride on the track.    

Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Pro, Outdoor Race Pedal Go Karting Car for Kids and Adults, Adjustable Length and Height, Ride On Toys (Ninebot S MAX Included) , Black
  • Top speed of 23 mph and 15.5 miles range within one single charge
  • Rear engine and the rear-wheel-drive are set up like supercars
  • High-strength steel frame that can carry a payload of up to 220 lbs
  • Triple anti-collision protection and dual communication technology to increase safety
  • Adjustable frame length and steering wheel height
  • The manual handbrake can be used when drifting

Gasoline-Powered Go-Karts

Even though electric go-karts have overshadowed the traditional gasoline-powered counterpart, you can still find the latter in the market. 

You can buy go-karts with gas-type engines for about  $1,500 to $2,500. 

These go-karts are great starter vehicles considering their much lower price than electric ones. But if you enter the competition circuit, you will still have to upgrade to catch up with the quality of go-karting on the racing track. 

What Determines Go-Kart Cost? 

The wide range of Go-kart prices is due to its variety in type, size, components, mileage, and brand. 

Naturally, a go-kart with heavy-duty, high-quality materials is pricier than a standard go-kart used in recreational parks or residential areas. So, it’s crucial to decide how you want to use your go-kart. 

Check out how these factors influence the cost of go-karts. 


Considering how significant an investment a go-kart is, it is wiser to be firm with your purpose first so that you can efficiently allocate a reasonable budget. 

For example, if you simply want it for fun or as a gift for friends and family, you can play safe with regular go-karts similar to what can be found in recreational tracks. 

On the other hand, if you’re aiming to become a professional go-kart racer, this is where the tune starts to take a higher note. 

Racing go-karts are essentially pricier. So, it requires commitment and a set of skills parallel to the demands of the sports if you want these babies. 

It’s an investment. But you may get your money’s worth once you start winning competitions. 

go kart track


As established above, the cost of go-karts depends mainly on the type you want to purchase. 

Kids’ go-karts are cheaper than those intended for adults considering the former is smaller and has simpler components. On the other hand, adult go-karts need heavy-duty materials and are often designed for rigorous use.

Likewise, the terrain in which the go-karts are used also contributes to the type of go-kart quality and its price. 

For example, go-karts for off-road use will need sturdier material, knowing full well that the obstacles on this terrain are rough. And as a result, it costs more than go-karts used indoors or on an established track.  


It’s pretty much expected that bigger go-karts cost more than smaller ones. Again, this is reasonably likely since they require more materials, a larger engine, and additional seatings. 


Long-established go-kart brands have the advantage of building their reputation in the industry. 

Nonetheless, history alone does not suffice when justifying go-kart prices in the market. 

Respected brands also rely on their innovative design, performance, safety features, and technological advancement for more sales. 

Therefore, if you go for well-known go-kart manufacturers popular in the competitive racing circuit, you will have to anticipate spending more.  

For example, if you want a Top Kart USA go-kart or Birel ART, you’ll need a budget of roughly $2,500 to over $5,000. 


Recreational go-karts often use hand and foot brakes. However, professional racing go-karts are mostly equipped with disc brakes. 

This braking system can either be attached to the rear or front wheels. But in some go-karts, disc brakes are found in both. So naturally, if you choose a go-kart with disc brakes, you’re essentially paying more, but it’s for good reasons anyway. 

A disc brake system is a crucial part of the racing go-kart chassis. Unlike a hand or foot brake, you get more control when using a disc brake. 

However, you also have to be careful when evaluating go-kart brakes as the racing screening committee regulates them. So, it’s best to check first with your class requirement before deciding on which go-kart to buy. 


The more people who fit in the go-kart, the costlier it can become. Additional seating entails additional weight. With that, more materials are added, and a higher level of durability is required. 

Likewise, a two-seater go-kart goes out of the traditional design, which only incorporates a single seat. So, you will be essentially paying for an upgrade. 

go-kart racing


It’s pretty much understood that used go-karts are cheaper than new ones. 

Naturally, there’s already the mileage that pretty much sums up the usage of the vehicle. And the higher the mileage, the higher the risk for sustained minor or major damage. 

Therefore, cheaper second-hand go-kart does not necessarily mean an excellent purchase. But, at the end of the day, quality is still better than a bargain.


There is no doubt that material quality elevates the price of a go-kart – or any other item for that matter. 

While toy go-karts are made of several materials, including rugged plastic and metal framing, professional go-karts often have low-alloy steel as their framing. Others employ low-carbon steel. These materials ensure tensile strength and durability against the pressure in the racing track. 

However, steel isn’t exactly a cheap material – at least not the type used in go-kart framing and chassis. So, the more it is used in the go-kart, the pricier the go-kart is.


The type of engine affects the performance of the go-kart. Hence, you can expect that the higher, the larger the engine volume, the higher the go-kart’s price. 

However, when considering an engine, you have to make sure that it abides by the regulations of the racing class. That is if you are shopping for a racing go-kart. 

Engine volume is determined by cubic centimeters or cc. The higher the cc, the more horsepower the engine can generate. 

With adult go-karts, the engine is often at 200cc, while kids’ go-karts usually have a 120 cc engine.   

How Much Do Kids’ Go-Karts Cost? 

Go-karts designed for kids cost between $85 to $250. However, they are relatively cheaper than go-karts adults use. Mainly because the materials used are fewer and smaller, and the engine is either non-existent or not as complex as that of a racing go-kart. 

Of course, pedal-powered go-karts for kids have lower prices than electric or gas-powered go-karts. 

Nevertheless, before you look into the cost of the go-kart, the first thing you have to consider is the age-appropriateness of the toy vehicle. 

If your child is still very young, simply go for a pedal go-kart. It will suit their formative development in terms of physicality and mental skills.  

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How Much Do Racing Go-Karts Cost?

Racing go-karts can cost roughly about $2,500 to $5,000. And these are mid-grade models from popular brands. 

However, high-end go-karts that top racers use are often priced at $10,000 and above. With this price, you can expect insane performances that leading go-kart competitors exhibit during the race. 

Nonetheless, most mid-grade level go-karts already adhere to the requirements of national and international racing competitions. Therefore, you won’t need any modifications unless dictated by the event itself. 

racing go kart.jpg

Is It Cheaper to Build or Buy a Go-Kart? 

With the price of brand new go-karts, it’s hard not to get tempted by the idea of assembling your own motorsport vehicle. 

For starters, yes, it’s cheaper to build a go-kart. While you could spend at least a thousand dollars for a new professional go-kart, you could only spend roughly around $400 to $900 when you assemble your own go-kart. 

However, your expenses can vary based on one critical factor. And that is, whether you choose to use new or second-hand parts. 

Naturally, if you go for new parts, the cost increases by two folds, for example, with the frame alone. A used one can be between $50 to $75, but a new one will cost you $200. 

Nonetheless, it is still a lot less than buying a new go-kart. But whether it’s the right decision or not depends on how you perceive the following pros and cons. 

Pros and Cons of Building a Go-Kart

If you build your go-kart, you can save more money depending on the materials you use. Likewise, you can add several modifications that suit your riding style. Moreover, you can add a bit of your personality in terms of aesthetics making the go-kart truly your own.  

On the other hand, building a go-kart requires extensive skills. While tutorials and manual guides can help, the application may be more challenging than you think. 

Without proper expertise, you might end up with a go-kart that goes outside the standards. Even worse, it might come out defective. 

Pros and Cons of Buying a Go-Kart

When you choose to buy a go-kart, you save yourself from the hassle of looking for materials, hiring a technician, and waiting for a long time as your go-kart is being assembled. 

Furthermore, you get the assurance that your go-kart fits the criteria of the racing class you’re competing in. Brands highly consider the requirements of go-kart competitions for the engine, brakes, and other go-kart components. 

However, one obvious downside of buying a brand new go-kart is its price. It’s a lot more expensive than building your own. Plus, you won’t easily get to modify the go-kart. 

go karts shop

Where to Buy Go-Karts?

Nowadays, it’s easier to find places that sell new and used go-karts. You can scout local shops or simply order them online. It’s even more convenient if you’re shopping for a kids’ go-kart. 

Anyway, here are places you can visit to buy go-karts.

Online: Amazon has plenty of go-karts you can choose from. Different brands also sell on amazon, so your choices are more extensive. If you’re looking for used ones, you can check eBay or craigslist. 

Sports Shops/ Local Dealers: Some shops showcase go-karts in their physical stores. You can inquire at your local sports shops or go-kart dealers to confirm their availability. 

Karting Tracks: Surely, karting tracks have booths where go-kart manufacturers can sell their products. It’s also advantageous to buy your go-kart in these places as you get to choose from high-quality go-karts. 

Final Thoughts 

Go-karts are not exactly cheap. But they are worth the price for any enthusiast or fun-seeking individual. 

Nonetheless, whether you save or spend more money buying a go-kart depends on how you understand the sport or activity. 

Also, you have to be open to the possibility that you might spend more after acquiring your go-kart. We’re talking maintenance and protective gear you’ll need on the track. 

Sure, go-karting may seem like an expensive investment. But with the commitment and timing, you can still employ the right financial strategy.  

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