Is Go-Kart Racing A Sport? Easy Tips To Race Better!

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Have you ever gone kart racing? It’s a fun, exhilarating, and adrenaline-pumping experience that is enjoyed by millions of people nationwide.

Is go-kart racing a sport? If you’re a parent wondering if go-kart racing is a sport, the answer is yes! Not only does racing provide an adrenaline rush, but it also gives racers the chance to do well and succeed in a unique type of sport.

Sport means engaging in physical exercise for recreational activity or as a profession. Being physically active is undoubtedly healthy and good for kids and adults. Every race car driver wants to go fast, but to do so requires focus, determination, and fortitude.

What Makes A Good Go-Kart Driver?

The main thing to make you a successful racer is maintaining your speed throughout a race. In other words, the less you brake, the better you will do.

This isn’t to say that you should never use your brakes at all, just keep in mind that they will slow you down.

Try keeping things as smooth as possible. The more constant your movements are, the better your lap times will be.

If you jerk the wheel back and forth or slam your foot on the gas pedal and then brake right away, this will slow you down.

Use both under-steel and over-steer to your advantage. 

Is Go-Kart Racing A Sport? Easy Tips To Race Better! PIN

Understeer happens when you are trying to go too fast through a turn and just aren’t able to steer enough to make it through without slowing down significantly.

Oversteer happens when you turn too sharply or try taking a corner at high speeds; this causes the rear tires of the car to lose traction with the road surface which makes them slide out from underneath of you.

Remember to use your brakes in the right place. Don’t apply them too early or late but find that perfect braking point that allows for easy acceleration once again.

How Do You Become A Good Go-Kart Racer?

A good go-kart racer needs to have a lot of skills and a good driving technique.

The same applies to other racing drivers, like NASCAR, Formula 1, Nascar, or any other kind of racing driver.

However, for all these categories there is something in common:

Don’t drift: It may look good on TV and it may be cool to do it in front of your friends, but drifting is actually bad for your go-kart.

When you drift you lose traction and speed. And when you hit the corner at too high a speed, you might crash your kart. This can be dangerous! So don’t do it!

Just follow the racing lines: The racing lines are the best places to drive on the track. These lines will help you find the most efficient way around the racetrack.

Drive smoothly: Don’t brake too hard and don’t accelerate too hard either!

You need to be smooth when you cross from one corner to another (when you brake or accelerate).

You can practice this by doing some laps on your own without any other go-karts around. Try to drive as smooth as possible and brake only after turning into corners.

Is Driving A Go-Kart Hard?

Racing for the first time with a go-kart is challenging. Driving really low to the ground makes you feel like you are moving much faster. Beginners usually look only a couple of meters away from their vehicle.

To race successfully, look as far ahead as possible so your peripheral vision will pick up movement in your immediate area.

For instance, if you feel that you are losing control of the kart, or about to hit another driver, then your peripheral vision will alert you to what is going on around you.

Another common mistake that beginners make is to take corners too fast. This often results in sliding out and crashing into barriers.

If you want to be fast, then practice taking corners slowly at first and gradually increasing your speed so that you know exactly how much control you have over the kart at any given moment.

This way you’ll know what the limits of your kart are. When it starts to slide out you will feel it before it happens, giving you more time to react appropriately.

If you do end up sliding out while taking a corner too fast, try applying pressure on one side of the steering wheel (leaning into turns) instead of both sides.

Is 50 mph Fast For A Go-Kart?

When it comes to high-speed go-karts, 50 mph is a good starting point for serious racers.

This can be achieved by using premium engines with high horsepower. These are usually single-cylinder engines with low horsepower from brands like Briggs & Stratton or Honda.

The top speed of a go-kart depends on the engine you have and its power. The average speed of a go-kart is about 20 mph to 40 mph.

It can vary depending on the type of engine and its size or power output. The size and weight of the vehicle will also affect its overall speed.

You can find some pro racing go-karts that reach speeds up to 80 mph but you’ll need to drop some serious cash to find one of them.

How Can You Improve Your Go-Kart Lap Time?

Don’t lean towards the apex when turning. If you lean into the apex when you’re turning, you’ll be slower than if you stay upright.

The reason is that when you lean in, your center of gravity becomes closer to the outside of the turn and therefore has farther to travel.

If you stay upright, your center of gravity stays on the inside of the turn, so the distance it has to travel is less. So, don’t lean.

Use one petal at a time. When entering a turn, use either the brake or throttle, but not both at once.

Look ahead. Unlike driving a car, where looking ahead is necessary for safety reasons but doesn’t necessarily help with speed, in go-karts looking ahead helps with speed.

This is because it allows the driver to anticipate turns and take them more smoothly and quickly.

Final Thoughts

Go-kart racing is a sport. It requires a lot of athleticism, skill, and dedication. As you can see at a go-kart track near you, there are drivers who have been honing their driving skills for years to become experts in the sport.

During races, racers begin with a hefty dose of adrenaline coursing through their veins and focus on the finish line. They also hone teamwork and leadership skills to cooperate with teammates during races.

Drivers need fearlessness, courage, and decisive driving skills to become the best of the best at go-karting or any motorsport.

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