Here’s What Oil You Should Use In A Go Kart

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The oil that you use in your go kart engine has a big role in how long and how smooth your engine runs. Because running your engine on improper oil that is too thick may cause your engine to seize up. 

What oil should you use in a go-kart? Most go-karts have 2-stroke engines, which are smaller and cheaper. You should get high-quality racing oil for 2-stroke engines. The lubricant should be mixed with fuel, so read the bottle’s instructions on how to use it on your go-kart.

With modern go karts having more power than ever before, the need to get the right oils to suit your engine has risen. There are numerous different oils you can use on your engine. Each oil contains different chemicals which will have an effect on your engine.

So stay with me, read this article through, and find out the oil essentials for your go-kart.

Why You Should Use Oil For The Engine?

In order for a go-kart to work properly, it needs oil.

The engine of the kart will not function properly if it does not have oil in it.

Oil in any vehicle performs a number of functions in order to keep the engine running smoothly and prevent damage. 

The oil in a car is important to resist wear and tear on the parts of the engine which causes friction, prevents rust from forming on metal parts, and keeps the temperature lower within the engine.

2-Stroke Engines

2-stroke engines are the most used type of go-kart engine in the world. This is because it provides a higher power output per kilogram of engine weight, which makes it more fuel-efficient than 4-stroke engines. It also has excellent performance at high speeds. The way a 2-stroke engine works is so simple that anyone can understand it easily.

The 2-stroke engine is a type of internal combustion engine which cycles twice for each cylinder on every crank revolution. There are many advantages to using a 2-stroke engine besides lower weight. This type of engine also offers easier starting, less vibration from the crank, and the ability to use less fuel.

There are drawbacks as well such as design complexity that can lead to more frequent breakdowns and higher manufacturing costs. These engines require a fuel mix with lubricant since there isn’t an internal reservoir for oil. So, you need to mix it with your fuel to ensure that the engine is fully lubricated while running.

4-Stroke Engines

Go-karts are fast and furious machines that anyone can operate. They are not just for children anymore. The 4 stroke engines trend has been growing for a while now due to the overwhelming benefits that 4 stroke engines provide. They are easier to maintain, allow for a more efficient fuel system, are much cleaner, and have less noise.

This type of engine has a separate reservoir for oil and you don’t have to mix the lubricant with fuel. This different type of engine requires a specific lubricant designed for 4-strokes.

So, the basic distinction is the engine type that defines the kind of lubricant you should get for your go-kart.

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Is Quality Important?

An engine needs oil to run smoothly. Without appropriate, correct viscosity engine oil, the engine will clog the parts and cause the kart to stop running. Engine oil may be synthetic or petroleum-based. Engine oils are formulated for different climates and geographical locations.

For many years, most engines have used petroleum-based oil because it is cheaper than synthetic oil. When an engine is first started, the oil needs to be thin enough so that it can flow quickly to all of the engine’s moving parts. It also needs to stay thin so that it does not create too much drag on the engine.

Synthetic oil is made out of polymerized synthetic chemical compounds rather than petroleum molecules. Due to this difference, synthetic oil is more efficient but a little more expensive than petroleum-based oil. Another difference between these two types of oil is that synthetic oil is not affected by cold temperatures, whereas petroleum engine oil becomes thick when it gets cold.

Synthetic oils are considered to be much better for racing motors due to their efficiency and tendency to remain thin at all temperatures.

Quality synthetic oil is best for your go kart because it lubricates more effectively and protects the engine in a better way. Synthetic oil is made up of molecules with a vaster range of sizes, which means it is better at resisting breakdown and keeping the engine clean. However, synthetic oils also need to be changed more often than conventional oils.

How To Know You Need To Add Oil 

Most cars have an oil level indicator that can help track when it is time for a change. The more the oil is used, the more it needs to be changed before it harms your engine and other parts.

In go-karts, this isn’t that convenient. If you drive a 2-stroke engine kart then every time you add fuel, you need to add the appropriate proportion of oil.

Alternatively, if your kart is equipped with a 4-stroke engine, then you need to inspect for the oil level and its quality too. If you haven’t used your 4 stroke kart for a long time, then you should replace the oil.

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Choosing The Right Lubricant

It’s important to use the right oil for your kart’s engine. The type of oil you use can affect your kart’s performance and longevity, and low-quality oils could lead to a costly repair.

We know that there are a lot of choices when it comes to buying motor oil, but one thing that you should not do is to go with a cheap option.

Here below you may find a couple of options to consider when replacing the oil in your kart’s engine. 

Motul Kart Grand Prix 2T 12X1L

Driven Racing Oil KRT Synthetic 0w-20 Motor Oil 4-Stroke Go Kart

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Final Thoughts 

First, you need to understand the type of engine of your kart. Usually, go-karts come with 2-stroke engines whereas these engines require oil mixed with fuel. There are specific oils for 2 stroke engines and you should pick one quality and synthetic oil designed for racing engines. 

4 stroke engines need oil synthetic oil designed for 4T and this oil is different from 2 strokes. When you add fuel to your 2 strokes go kart make sure you read the instructions on the bottle of the lubricant. In go kart racing every small detail affects your engine’s performance. 

Playing around with premixes of oil with fuel may affect the performance and longevity of the engine too. After reading this article it should be clear what oi you should use in a go kart. 

My final suggestion would be the following: don’t buy the cheapest oil available online, buy what your kart really needs!

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