What To Do With Old Go-Kart Tires

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A go-kart will have to get rid of its old tires most of the time. Many people don’t think about where they can discard their tires. The tires are not biodegradable, so dumping them on the ground would simply result in a landfill. Read this article and find out what to do with old go-kart tires.

Old Go Kart Tires: What Should You Do With Them?

Tires are non-biodegradable, flammable materials that are dangerous to landfills because they are non-degradable. The most appropriate way to dispose of old go-kart tires is by recycling them.

Here are some tips on how to deal with used go-kart tires:

  • Bring them to a tire recycling facility that specializes in tires.
  • Drop them off at a retailer
  • Tire shops may purchase your go kart tires for a small fee
  • Participate in a community tire collection event
  • Bring them to a tire recycling facility that specializes in tires
  • Drop them off at a retailer
  • Participate in a community tire collection event
  • Get help from a junk removal service
What To Do With Old Go-Kart Tires

Why Should You Recycle Go Kart Tires

In the United States, 300 million tires are discarded annually, or almost one tire per resident.

In a landfill, tires collect water, which attracts rodents and mosquitoes. Additionally, they take up a great deal of space, trap methane emissions, and present a fire hazard, with tire fires being particularly difficult to put out.

One of the most common uses for recycled tires (TDF) is tire-derived gasoline. TDF is an alternative fossil fuel that produces 25% more energy than coal.

Is It Possible To Make Money Recycling Old Go Kart Tires?

No, and you’ll almost always have to pay someone to recycle them. The aluminum rims can, however, be sold to a scrap metal dealer for cash.

In most areas, tires can no longer be disposed of in landfills, so you’ll have to pay to recycle them instead of throwing them away.

What Is The Average Tire Recycling Fee?

Extra fees can make a deal less attractive. Fortunately, most states limit this dumping fee to a maximum of $2.00 per new go-kart tire.

Some states, such as Kansas and Indiana, set tire charges as low as 25 cents for each tire. Oklahoma may impose the most expensive and strict tire charge regulations in comparison to other states.

Although the extra money may seem strange, it has the incredible potential to remove huge quantities of scrap tire material from landfills every year!

Last but not least, these charges are imposed constantly to address the 111 mils. scrap tires in depots across the US, with another 3.9 mils. tonnes produced every year.

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How Are Tires Recycled?

The tires are usually shredded or ground using a tire shredder after the rims and weights are removed for separate recycling. A shredder tear tires into small pieces using knives that are powerful and sharp.

Fiber and steel by-products from tire production are sold to other industries as feedstock.

Various uses can be found for the rest of the shredded tire. Tires that are destined for TDF are either incinerated, burned in a boiler, or burned in a cement kiln, depending on where they are to be used.

What Are Tires Recycled Into?

Ground or shredded tires can also be used to make playground mulch, rubberized asphalt, road embankments, or even for producing new go-kart tires.

Are Rubber Tires Recyclable?

Tires can be recycled, and they should be. Tires contain nonsynthetic and synthetic rubber, cloth that do not disintegrate on their own.

Tire stacks can accumulate over time at landfills, consuming space and resources. The compounds in old tires can discharge dangerous pollutants into the ecosystem when they are burnt.

Recycling old tires is the safest way to dispose of them. Tires can be converted into construction materials or several products for households.

Unless you don’t have enough space for old go-kart tires, recycling facilities can break them down and reuse the materials.

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What Are Some Creative Things To Do With Old Go Kart Tires?

Some people like to make their own weights for workout routines. For example, old go-kart tires are sturdy enough to be used as weights if they are filled with concrete. This is a good idea for people who want to have a near-infinite amount of weight options that are cheap and easy to find.

You don’t have to toss away your old go-kart tires if you’re feeling inventive. One of the best methods to enhance your home decor, create new things, and focus on keeping the ecosystem safe, is to repurpose old go-kart tires.

Depending on the dimensions of your tires, the following suggestions may or may not apply to you.

Here below you may find a few more ideas on what to do with old go-kart tires:

  • Using it as a tire swing
  • Making an outdoor circular planter
  • Making a table out of it
  • Turning rubber into flip flops
  • Use them to build a wall around your home yard

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Final Thoughts

Go-kart is a fun hobby for many people. Some people enjoy it as a once-in-a-while activity, whereas others prefer to do it more often. Some people like to take their friends out on the track with them, while others prefer to go alone. The excitement of the race and the competition is what makes this sport so much fun. It can be great exercise, too!

When it comes to disposing of old go-kart tires we should be responsible and think of the environment. After reading this post, it should be clear that the best way is finding a recycling service or leave them to your retailer.

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