Why Do Go-Karts Feel Fast? Here’s What We Found!

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Go-karting is a fun activity for both kids and adults. When you’re in a go-kart, it feels like you’re going much faster than you actually are.

But why do go-karts feel fast? This is because of how much closer you’re to the ground, and how much smaller the vehicle is compared to a car or truck. It’s also because of the way that go-karts are built. They don’t weigh as much as a full-sized vehicle would.

Go-karting is a motorsport with a lot of enthusiasts around the world. If you begin now with go-karts, keep reading this post since we answer lots of other questions about speed.

How Fast Do Normal Go-Karts Go?

There are many types of go-karts and each type has its own price range. An average kart costs around $1,600 – $2,500. Go-karts for kids with pedals can cost less than $200. Professional racing go-karts could cost more than $10,000.

An average go-kart can speed up to 40-50 mph. For go-kart enthusiasts, this is a safe speed level in case of an accident.

With this speed, you can’t fly over the track and cause injuries to spectators, and other drivers. Its’ also a speed level where you can stop quite fast and you won’t hurt yourself if you lose your kart’s control. 

 When you drive a go-kart, you’re very close to the ground and it seems that you drive a lot faster. The best thing to do is to look ahead while driving.

You’ll have the best control of your vehicle, and you’ll perform much better.

Why Do Go-Karts Feel Fast

Can Go-Karts Go 100 mph?

There isn’t any norm when it comes to how fast can go-karts go. But there are super karts than can exceed 100 mph. But, average go-karts aren’t built to have such extreme performance.

A super kart can cost between $15,000 and $30,000. They have options that can add to the cost. The most expensive super karts are considered the ultimate racing vehicle. Almost all F1 pilots started their professional careers in super karts. 

To compete with such racing karts you need to have similar skills to F1 pilots. You need to have a proper diet plan to maintain your weight at low levels. Also, you need to be fit with a healthy and strong body. These are professional karts and you need to have a pro mentality to drive them fast. 

Practice and talent are also important for your performance. These drivers are serious about karting and they see it as competitive motorsport. 

What Is Considered Fast For A Go-Kart?

Generally, go-karts can reach speeds of up to 50-80 mph (80-129 km/h). Some super-karts can speed up to 140 mph (225 km/h). This performance depends on various factors such as the weight, size of the motor, etc. 

But we should discuss how fast can go-karts reach their top speeds. The average 125 cc kart can reach 60 mph in about 3 to 4 seconds. Tuned karts with the same engine size can reach 60 mph in even less time. But, they must race under the best possible conditions. 

Given this performance, you realize that go-karts are little racing machines. You need skills to drive them and compete with others. Also, safety is something you should never neglect. 

How Do I Make My Go-Kart Faster?

Almost all kart drivers are trying to make their karts run faster. You can do a lot of things to improve your skills and performance on the track. But, there are some things you do on your kart to make it go faster. 

The first thing that you could do is to upgrade your kart’s engine. If your engine is 125cc with 3.5 hp you could buy a 200cc engine with 6.5 hp. This size of an engine is the most commonly used for racing. 

Another thing you can do is to provide your kart with more air and fuel. You can do this improvement by optimizing the carburetor. More air and more fuel results in increased power for your go-kart. 

Another way to make your kart faster is to make adjustments and reduce its weight. You can place a turbocharger, larger tires for better grip, or by increasing fuel octane. Always make sure that your go- can handle more power and that you’ll be safe while racing.

How Fast Are Commercial Go-Karts?

According to USA race karts, there are 4 types of commercial go-karts. 

  • Rookie
  • Novice
  • Family and 
  • High-performance

Rookie go-karts can’t exceed 10 mph, novice can go up to 15 mph. Family go-karts are a little faster and can reach speeds of 22 mph. High-performance is the fastest type and can reach speeds of 30 mph.

At these speed levels and when driving in specially designed tracks, you’re 100% safe. 

Final Thoughts

Go-karting is a fun and exhilarating hobby to enjoy with friends and family. When you drive a kart for the first time, it seems a lot faster. Why do go-karts feel faster? Because you’re very close to the ground and you drive without protection. 

Also, the vehicle is a lot smaller than normal cars, so it gives you a sense of racing at extreme speeds. But, because it goes slower than it feels like, doesn’t mean that you should neglect safety. 

When racing with a kart, ensure that you wear the protective gear and you follow the track rules. You should drive carefully and within the limits, so you feel comfortable. 


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