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One of the most important parts of go-karting is the tires. Good condition tires are important because they allow for better handling, more efficient braking speeds, and less friction due to lower rolling resistance. 

But why do you wrap go kart tires? Go kart drivers wrap the tires to protect the rubber from oxidation. Otherwise, the tires will become purple instead of black and they will significantly lose grip performance on the track. This becomes even more significant if you don’t store your kart in a protected space such as a garage or kart trailer.

As any go-kart enthusiast knows, cleaning and storing your vehicle after a fun-filled day is just as important as the preparation before you go racing. You should clean up your kart by getting rid of the trash. If it’s using fuel, it’s important to drain the fuel tank before putting it away for storage.

Stay with me until the end to find out why maintaining good conditions in your kart tires is important and what other things you should know before storing your little racing vehicle.

Why Do You Need To Wrap Tyres?

Oxidation occurs from the moment your tire is born, progressively destroying the rubber, so any time or effort you can make to slow this down will be beneficial. When not in use during the week or off-season, wrapping and storing in garbage bags, for example, helps keep the fumes down.

Many people may not be aware of the effects of aging on a tire. Tires age over time due to a process called oxidation. The process starts when air mixes with rubber exposed to oxygen and sulfur.

Over time, the tires expand and contract which leads to exposed rubber. This exposed rubber starts to oxidize more rapidly than the rest of the tire.

Why Do You Wrap Go Kart Tires

A tire’s rubber begins to break down as soon as it leaves the factory and the process only gets worse with age and time on the track. Tire wrapping can protect your tires from early oxidation and help extend their life, and offer better grip while racing on track. However, there are many different types of tire-wrapping materials to choose from, so here are some tips to help you find the right one for you.

Saran Wrap

Tires can be a significant expense for a go-kart driver, but their lifespan can be prolonged if they are properly maintained. One way to protect one’s tires from oxidation is by wrapping them in Saran wrap before storage. This can help prevent them from turning purple and cracking. In addition, it may also help keep the rubber from drying out as well as keep any mold or other external contaminants from sticking on them.

The Importance Of Tyres Condition

Good condition tires are important for a go kart for several reasons. The first is that they can help control your speed and also turn the kart. A good set of tires will grip the road and give you a safe ride. 

A good quality tire is important for any vehicle. For a go-kart, it is vital to have tires that will provide the best possible traction and grip on the ground. In addition, tires must be in good condition to withstand the immense forces that are applied when driving a go-kart.

Many people who are involved in go-karting will agree that good tires are important for safety. The condition of your tires can affect how fast you can go, how much speed you have, and if you even have any traction at all. 

Considering there is no place to wear out or break down on a go kart, good tires are the only protection you have against possible accidents.

Tire life is important for every vehicle, but it is especially important for go karts. With the high amount of power delivered to the tire by the engine, tires will wear down faster, which means they will need frequent replacements. 

The best way to optimize tire life is to maintain them in good condition by wrapping them when you don’t use your kart.

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How To Store Your Go-Kart?

A go kart has many parts that need protection from the physical elements. The tires, axles, and chains all need to be covered in order to be protected. This is accomplished by placing the go kart under a cover.

Buy A Cover

The cover should have a drawstring so it can be neatly tied off to secure it in place. It should also have a zipper so the bottom flap can be cinched up if needed.

Store It In Your Garage

One way to protect your go-kart from the weather is to store it in your garage. Storing the go-kart inside protects it from the sun, wind, rain, and other elements. Storing it indoors also keeps it away from people with no interest in the sport or children with sticky fingers!

Buy A Trailer

After all the hard work of building it, it’s an unfortunate reality that some go-karts don’t last long. It’s not uncommon for a go-kart to be broken down or covered with rust before the end of summer.

If you want your go-kart to last, store it in a trailer with enough room for the entire kart and ideally use one that has a roof and sides to fully protect it from both sun and rain.

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Other Things To Do Before Storing Your Go-Kart

Clean It Properly

At the end of each long day or week of racing, it is important to clean your kart. Dirt and grime are the enemies of any racing vehicle, and if left unchecked can lead to dull, worn down parts that hinder performance. It also helps to store the kart in a dry place where it is not subject to moisture or temperature extremes.

Chain Tension Check

Many kart racers store their karts when they are not being used. This is a no-brainer in some locations, but with the cold weather approaching in most parts of the country, it is good to know if your chain tension is right so your kart will start up when you need it again. This is especially important with older model carts that tend to be more susceptible to damage due to cold weather.

Drain The Tanks

This winter, drain the water tank of your kart before storing it to avoid freezing. If the water freezes in the cooling system, you risk a burst pipe and a flooded garage. It is also important to remove all gasoline from the vehicle before storage so that it does not evaporate and cause stale gas odors.

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Fuel Pipes Stiffness Check

Also, don’t forget to check the stiffness of your fuel lines. A surprising number of go-kart drivers overlook this simple test, which is one of the most important tests on the checklist.

Over time, a fuel line can get clogged or brittle and cause a leak. If you notice that there may be a problem with your line, it’s important to replace it before it fails.

Tires Wrapping

I have already discussed this and how it will help you maintain your tires in good condition. Good tires means better grip and increased lifespan.


Lubricating your kart’s axle bearings is a small part of taking care of your vehicle. It will help to prevent the bearings from wearing out more quickly and also reduce noise.

When cleaning your go-kart have in mind not to wipe away from the bearings all the grease.

Overall Check

Imagine driving a go-kart down a dirt track, jumping the occasional ramp, and going over bumps. The front-end assembly and alignment of your go-kart will be put to challenging situations as you navigate the terrain.

Go-karts are often built for racing purposes, which means they are designed for maximum speed on smooth surfaces. As such, they need to be checked thoroughly and set up properly so that they take every bump in stride without surprising the driver on the track.

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Final Thoughts

Tires are the most important part of any go kart because they are what keep you on the road.

Wrapping a tire may seem like an unnecessary step, but it actually has a couple of positive effects.

Wrapping them when you don’t use your go kart will prevent early oxidation and maintain a good grip on the track. It will also prolong the lifespan of the tires even though replacement is more frequent to a kart than passenger cars.

Besides the tires wrapping, go kart enthusiasts take several actions to protect their vehicles from weather conditions. A well-maintained go-kart will be able to function more efficiently and last longer.

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